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iMainzer is a web-based service management system, introduced by us that allows businesses to conveniently store and track customer information, invoices, inventory and service history records. The core features of the solution include workforce management, job scheduling, dispatch management, invoicing, quotation and reporting etc.

When we see inside the plant or company, we find all the assets are maintained in order. But for geographically disperse of work, there is a requirement of greater coordination, collaboration, and information mobility.

Most companies have a system in place to handle service management by scheduling, dispatch, service parts management, and perhaps some degree of mobility. Others use ERP system extensions for more robust scheduling and dispatch capabilities. The worst-case scenario in an organization is making work spreadsheets and manual processes, which hamper productivity and drive excessive costs.

With an increasing purpose of services a built-in system management software invented by us that automates and streamlines the complete service process, and also provides connected mobility, and integrates with the installed system.




All the activities which occur, are streamlined with robust planning and scheduling capabilities and also it provides the ability to adapt to changes throughout the day, it avoids the frustration and cost of wasted time and inefficient activities.

Optimisation of Services

All assignment and routing of field personnel are optimized with iMainzer software, which is the most important because this can directly affect profitability. And this gives a complete value to the organization Workforce.

Team Work and Co-ordination

iMainzer software simplifies management of the complete field service life cycle, including the equipment, work orders, labor, service parts, warranties, returns, contracts, and projects.



With iMainzer software, when technicians are dispatched to a job, the task is sent along with the most efficient route to the site, parts and tools required, service history, contacts, applicable warranties and contractual commitments – everything needed to deliver timely and effective service.


iMainer system helps companies in a reactive and slow state to inevitable changes. Situations change rapidly throughout the day, causing static work plans to degrade as soon as they are generated. Thus necessary rules may be required to be taken. Such Approachability can only provide by iMainzer software as it deals in all tasks viz:- Inventory, HR, Payroll, Production, Accounts, Quality etc.


Consolidating all activity in a single tool promotes greater data and decision accuracy. For example, the tracking of inventory in the service supply chain is more precise with software. Parts are recorded as they are taken from stock and also when acquired from supply warehouses nearby. This encourages optimal parts placement and inventory levels and drives improvement in supply chain relationships.


iMainzer software facilitates the task coordination with a dynamic scheduling engine that handles all the various planning and scheduling variables and dependencies. It takes the decisions out of the hands of a manual dispatch environment and puts them into the software.
It is automated cost management and invoicing, as the actual service labour and associated costs are recorded instantly. This software is well versed with, which service is under warranty, and whether there are any special pricing considerations such as pre-negotiated labour rates or parts discounts. The software drives billing speed and accuracy, removing that burden from the technician or operator. All stays focused on all pending transactions with detailed production cost, Easy access to all modules.


Don’t let The math stress you out