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Infotiz Accounting software packages designed for engineering firms offer a full range of financial management tools. Accounting features include the ability to print checks, pay bills, track expenses, manage payroll, create orders and invoices, manage receivables, establish budgets, perform bank reconciliations, and create top level financial reports.

Engineering firms also often work directly with their clients, rather than simply for the customer. Additionally, an engineering-oriented company will usually have clients within specific local geographies—whereas manufacturers, distributors, and even retailers with online presences may work with clients across a wider geography. Both of these reasons contribute to the importance of increased sensitivity toward a very client-centric approach. Tools that help improve client relations, such as Acctiz Pro, iMainzer systems. An integrated Infotiz software package can provide comprehensive information on customers and prospects for sales, marketing, and customer service.


With the variety of software on the market, we can provide you modules designed to assist you in every aspect of your companies operation. From estimating software packages to time and billing modules, there are numerous tools that can extend the ability of standard financial management packages to help your engineering firm lower operational costs and operate more efficiently.


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