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Tradeizy (Business Management Accounting Software)

Business Management Accounting Software In UAE

TADEIZY, is a web based Accounting software for all kinds of trading companies working with different kinds of products, services, warehouse shops, customized selling and delivery of products etc.

Every business organization needs necessary and trendy software to increase its productivity and cope with competitive market. Tradeizy software is especially made to meet all such needs of organizations.

Tradeizy is incorporated with latest and advanced technology which helps in data to record and also ensures the transaction is recorded in correct way the host wants. Tradeizy is flexible and integrated with customized features as prerequisite by organizations.

Tradeizy software’s records and routes business accounting transactions within operational and accounting modules like accounts payable, accounts receivables, general ledger, payroll, investments etc.

Tradeizy is generally invented as an information system that processes financial trades and events as per GCC to generate and deliver accounting reports as per user requirements.

Features and Benefits

1. Windows and web based Accounting Software

Tradeizy is mainly web and windows based application software incorporated with advanced financials accounting packages and customarily appropriate for each and every trading company requisitions.

web based Accounting Software

2. Financial reports

Tradeizy ensures to generate systematic and precise financial reports. The performance of the organization is tracked from its accurate financial reports. Thus recording and Maintaining trades transactions in our accounting system derives efficient and trendy accounting reports.

3. Multiple users and team up

Tradeizy allows multiple users and team up with genuine phase information. It also helps in completion of the work in specified time with Collaboration and joint users. It manages multiple projects simultaneously.

4. User manual

Features like admin control, automated alert, automated email report, executive dashboard are incorporated with progressive customized settings as required by organization and its business requirements.