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Car Rental Accounting Software In UAE

Rotz (Car Rental Accounting Software)

Technology has fascinated each and every aspect of our lives and its results are also shown in Car industry. Basically cars were directly owned or sold in manual way but now technological encroachment helped these basic services into form a merging industries and organizations such as dealing in huge trades of selling, buying and renting of varied cars in different techniques.

Rtoz software is specialized in car rental accounting. Our product, Rotz is standard software with features like recording, tracking vehicles; monitoring rate management of rented cars etc. we also provide customized packages based on user requirements.

      Primary Features

  • Easy execution
  • Features like recording, tracking of cars, monitoring fleet management, maintaining rate management etc ., makes Rotz easy software to execute and derive reports at limited time irrespective to company’s size and turnover.

  • Customization
  • Easily booking (travel, customers, employees etc), promptly dispatch vehicle (quick status, instant connectivity of supplier, live tracking modules availability (admin, guest, desk booking), quick Invoicing to clients, customers and companies. Billing to salespersons, merchants, vendors etc. further to this customized revamp of special features as per companies requirements is also available.

  • Accounting Statements
  • Reports, calculations, multiple language settings, full vehicle description along with customers and clients details report, pickups status, contract files and many more are key features of Rotz software.
    We have professional solution to all your needs

  • Cost effective
  • Easy access and secure highly anytime and from anywhere is our best quote. Our software is also cost effective and less expensive as compared to most of the software’s.