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HR (Human Resource Management) Payroll System

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant”

Humantiz product is especially incorporated for Human Resource development (HRD) management. A complete new and specialized website for Humantiz is constructed to drive a unique experience for every company. Humantiz deals in end to end human resources management. It is designed expressly for all type of business wherein HR management is part of its business operations.

Primary specifications:-

Human Resource Management System In Dubai

  • Recruitment management
  • Data integrations and reporting.
  • Payroll administrations.
  • Biometric assemblies
  • Fleet, ESS and many other features are been provided.
  • Technical features include:-

  • Exploration modules
  • Automated Alert organism
  • Multiple users etc. are assimilated.
  • It is a complete web and cloud based HRM software created by our top professional experts.
    A detailed portrayal can be treasured through our Humantiz website.

Features and Benefits

  • Search Engine
  • Transaction Log
  • Productivity report
  • Executive dashboard
  • Automated Alerts system
  • Pending Reports
  • User Management
  • Admin Control
  • WPS (Wages Protection System)
  • Documents attachments
  • Reach to any transaction easily
  • Monitor Users Transactions for particular period
  • Increase efficiency, reducing costs
  • Easy access to all modules
  • Stay focused on the pending and due transactions
  • Passport expiry, Visa expiry, Emirates ID expiry etc...
  • Assigning users for each Department/System
  • Assigning permissions for Multi Users
  • Electronic salary transfer system as per MOL specifications
  • Employees Documents easy reach and save Such as Passport, Visa etc…
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