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Infotiz Solutions LLC

We are technology and innovation company delivering business software for small , medium and large organization.

Core of Infotiz Limited is Infotiz technology group. Over last year’s Infotiz has gained significant exposure to variety of technologies.

Rich technological capabilities, focused investments in research & development and industry exposure enables us to reach beyond the basic IT services to design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions to customers in variety of industries. We specialize in end-to-end services. Our service spectrum covers key services as application development, software consultancy, IT Consultancy, firmware development, embedded systems and testing services.

We are an optimum sized company in the context of UAE IT Services companies. That allows us to be more flexible and cater to each customer in a more personalized manner. We focus on a strong customer relationship and delivery ownership. We act as true development partners to our customers.

Established in 1998, Infotiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (INFOTIZ) has gained its enviable reputation by providing a full and comprehensive range of industrial maintenance management, Asset & material management, training services and IT Consultancy. From the industries like Trading, Laboratories, Clinics, Manufacturing, Maintenance, etc., our highly skilled core workforce provides planned, reactive and quick response.

INFOTIZ have a track record of cost reduction for our clients whilst working closely with them to achieve considerable service improvements across a range of sectors. Our progress is also driven by our commitment to sharing knowledge and continuously defining and redefining the best industry practices. We capture our innovation on a given project and then reapply it in new sectors and contexts. Innovation always delivered simply and efficiently with dedication and understanding.

INFOTIZ operates on a simple flat line management structure with the capability of making decisions quickly hence responding to client requests without delay and without compromise to contractual and industry standards.

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Vision & Mission
  • Be a global leader delivering enterprise business management products and solutions.
  • To make information technology affordable to our clients through continuous innovations and total quality management.
  • To measure our success by customer satisfaction.
  • To satisfy our customer with extraordinary team work.
  • To approach our work with passion and creativity.
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